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    Welcome to Haixin Website
    Normal molecular sieve
    Molecular Sieve 3A
    The effective pore opening of molecular sieve 3A is 3 Angstrom. It adsorbs only water.By pore optimization, our product is with high adsorption speed,high crush strength,long life time and anti-contami...
    Molecular Sieve 4A
    The effective pore opening of molecular sieve 4A is 4 Angstrom. It can adsorb water, methanol,ethanol,sulfur compounds, carbon dioxide ect. It can be used for various application. Item Unit Shape Beads...
    Molecular Sieve 5A
    The effective pore opening is 5 Angstrom.It is used for the separation for n-and i-paraffin, removal of acid gas,removal of water and CO2. Item Unit Shape Beads Size mm 1.7-2.5 3-5 Size ratio up to gra...
    Molecular Sieve 13X
    The effective pore opening is 10 Angstrom.It is used for gas deep drying, removal of water and CO2 in cryogenic air sepatation system. It can adsorb any molecules which can be adsorbed by 3A、4A、5A....
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